Additional Requirements

1. Health Insurance

Medical health insurance/coverage is required before international students can begin classes. After receiving an acceptance letter and arriving in the U.S., health insurance must be purchased. Proof of health insurance must be provided to Mr. M.J. Mao prior to the first day of school.

We recommend students use ISO Insurance. ISO offers a BASIC PLAN and a PLUS PLAN, both at affordable costs.

Students who choose to purchase other health insurance plans must have a minimum coverage that matches the ISO basic plan.

2. Medical Requirements

Students will not be allowed to attend classes unless their medical paperwork is complete. All medical records need to be clearly identified in English. The options for providing immunization records are listed below:

  • California School Immunization Record and Requirements Form
    The California School Immunization Record must be filled out and signed by your doctor.

  • Submit ALL pages of your vaccination history, with your name and date of birth clearly listed. Please note that hand-written records are not acceptable. For students who have hand-written immunization records, please complete a translation at your local custom, and provide the school with a digital copy.

    3. Identification

    Students are required to provide the following documents to the registrar prior to the first day of school.

    • Copy of form I-20 signed by both student and parents/guardians

    • Copy of student’s passport identification page

    • Copy of student’s passport F-1 student visa page, with entrance stamp

    4. English Proficiency Requirement

    The below students will be *required to submit an English proficiency exam when applying for admission to La Salle:

    • International students who do not speak English as their first language

    • Domestic students who have fewer than two years of English as the primary language of instruction

    • Students who are or were enrolled in an English-language support program within the last two years

    The TOEFL IBT and Duolingo English exams will be accepted to fulfill the English proficiency exam application requirement. Below, you will find our minimum score requirements for each exam:

    • TOEFL IBT = 75 Score

    • Duolingo English Test = 105

    If you are unable to submit a score that meets our minimum requirements, please reach out to the Admissions Team at or Mr. MJ Mao, Director of Global Programs, at

    *Exceptions to the English Proficiency Requirements - Students who have three or more consecutive years of English as the primary language of instruction are exempt from the English proficiency requirements, regardless of international or domestic status.


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