Center for Cultural Perspectives

La Salle's Commitment to Global Understanding and Navigating Diverse Perspectives

As a member of the worldwide Lasallian education network, La Salle College Preparatory believes that a global education develops the knowledge and empathic skills to understand diverse perspectives. Guided by our Lasallian mission, we encourage La Salle students to advance the common good through learning, leadership, and service.

The Center for Cultural Perspectives assists students in developing their capacity to be informed and open-minded, appreciate diverse viewpoints, and understand how culture shapes perceptions. It inspires and prepares students to follow their passion for exploring intercultural relations and global peace while serving others. This Center will also provide opportunities to travel globally, host foreign visitors, and participate in service projects guided by experienced speakers and mentors. These experiences develop communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills for global competence.

The Center also supports learners who can use critical thinking and diplomacy to interact with the world. Through international and cultural education, students are prepared to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably, and sustainably. Immersed in cultural experiences, students learn the interdisciplinary nature of global issues, given the complexity of environments and competing needs and interests of our World.

Programs & Opportunities

Students will explore diverse intercultural relationships, practice cultural awareness, and gain unforgettable insights into diverse cultures through world travel. This process not only develops global competence, creative minds, and courageous new perspectives but it sparks an enthusiasm for fostering connections and collaboration.

  • Global Lasallian Network cultural & educational exchange
  • International travel & hosting international students
  • Short & long-term study abroad
  • Cultural and diplomacy skills learning
  • College credits & Global Scholars pathway
  • Activities developing global competence
  • Distinguished speakers & mentorship
  • Internships & services

Global Scholars Pathway

Designed to cultivate essential global competency skills in this program, students will engage in targeted learning experiences to foster cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and empathy. Additionally, they will develop the ability to navigate and effectively interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

Certificate of Completion Requirements: These requirements cover four primary areas of studies and practices - Academic Studies, Cross-Cultural Experiences, Community Engagement & Services, and Critical Reflections.

1. Completion of two Pasadena City College Global Studies courses taught at LSCP and concurrent world language studies.

2. Participate in a minimum of one outbound exchange (and/or Independent Study Abroad) and one inbound hosting of visiting students.

3. Completion of forty hours of an internship or community service project that includes global competence components (examples below):

  • Volunteer at La Salle or community-organized cultural events.
  • Interning or volunteering at organizations that promote cultures, intercultural, and the development of global competency skills.
  • Active and consistent participation in clubs, activities, or events that aligned with the global competence framework.

4. Share and reflect on global studies and experiences through individual projects or campus activities (examples below)

  • Collaborative work on a project with a student from a global partner school.
  • Active participation in La Salle’s Global Speakers Forum and/or an online global forum.
  • Other approved student-initiated projects that promote cultural studies, competency development, and global citizenship.

Pasadena City College Credit Course in Global Studies

To equip students with comprehensive knowledges and necessary skills to investigate global issues, and help them build competitive academic portfolio for college applications, La Salle College Preparatory expands our collaboration with Pasadena City College to offer two college-level courses:

  • Global Studies 001
  • Global Studies 002

These courses are offered free of tuition and enrollment is open to all grades. Students who successfully complete these courses will earn college credits issued by Pasadena City College. You can find the course details here.

Harvard Model Congress

Harvard Model Congress (HMC) is the nation's oldest government simulation conference, with five significant chapters worldwide; the San Francisco-based Conference (HMCSF) is a leading civic engagement conference for high school students to engage in congressional simulations.

At HMCSF, students collaborate directly with Harvard delegates to hone critical skills such as speech, debate, and in-depth analysis of pressing political issues. Realistic simulations allow delegates to engage in discussions, author legislation, and navigate complex political landscapes.

La Salle's Harvard Model Congress program extends beyond HMCSF to integrate with Model United Nations (MUN), providing students with a comprehensive understanding of UN principles and functions. Through real-time simulations, students actively participate in initiatives promoting international cooperation.

Additional Courses & Programs

Any pre-approved studies through outreach programs by various organizations or institutes. (Approval is Subject to Center Director)

La Salle Intercultural Exchange

La Salle College Preparatory offers a complete list of opportunities for our students to experience cultural diversity and share ideas, traditions, and perspectives. Our students will experience language and cultural differences with students abroad, like them, who also yearn to learn about different cultures. Inbound and outbound programs and opportunities are provided throughout the academic year and will cover various focused areas, such as Lasallian worldwide mission, Language Studies, STEM, Art, and Global Studies. Whether it’s a short one-week adventure or a longer-term study abroad, students will experience studying and interacting with other students from other cultures, learning their way of life through a lens of compassion and empathy.

Interested students should follow the procedures below to apply.

  • Submit an application for Intercultural Exchange travel (form)
  • Schedule a 15-minute interview with the Center Director, Ms. Sun, at or stop by
    her office

Short Term Programs

Our Center has already formed strong partnerships with a variety of Lasallian and non-Lasallian schools and programs in different countries starting January 2023. Our partnerships will continue to expand, offering opportunities for our students to truly develop their curiosity, passion, and skills.

  • Colegio De la Salle Buenos Aires, Argentina - Information flyer
    • Incoming visit dates: 2/3 - 2/17, 2024
    • Outgoing visit dates: 5/25 to 6/02, 2024

Summer Enrichment/ Study Abroad

Study Abroad programs are for rising La Salle 9th-12th graders (including graduating seniors in the same summer) interested in enriching their studies through a cultural immersion experience in a country abroad. To register, program participants must contact Ms. Sun at or (626) 696-4389 to ensure they pay the correct fees, meet all deadlines, and complete all the required paperwork.

  • International House, Valencia, Spain

    • Summer Getaway for Spanish Language and Cultural Studies - Valencia, Spain (No Credit)

      A well-structured and supervised summer enrichment program for students interested in learning and practicing Spanish, experiencing an exciting new culture, making international friends, and having an unforgettable experience. Through total immersion, students walk away with new skills, new appreciation for world cultures, new friends from across the world, and new insights into what they can achieve. The program is open to all La Salle students, from beginning-level Spanish speakers to advanced levels.

      » 2024 program information and application will be updated when available.

  • Saint-Denis International School, Loches, France

    • Summer Enrichment for French Language, Culture and Art Studies - Loches, France (No Credit)

      A well-structured and supervised Summer enrichment program for students interested in French language studies and arts, experiencing an exciting new culture, making international friends, and having an unforgettable experience. Through total immersion, students walk away with new skills, new appreciation for world cultures, new insights into arts and history, and new friends from across the world. The program is open to students with all levels of French, including the beginning level, and students interested in or involved in the arts.

      » 2024 program information and application will be updated when available.

  • Chinese Bridge, China

    • Summer Enrichment for Chinese Language, Culture, and Art Studies - Chinese Bridge, China (No Credit)

      The summer program aims to promote the understanding of Chinese language and culture for high school and college students worldwide, enhance friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and develop their passion for learning Chinese. The two-week summer camp offers Chinese language lessons, cultural experience activities, and a variety of exchange programs for the participants.

      » 2024 program information and application will be updated when available.

Short-Term Host-Families for Visiting Students

Being a host family for visiting exchange students from our partner schools worldwide is a great way to bring intercultural experiences to your home. It also brings opportunities to foster new friendships and lifelong memories.

La Salle College Preparatory encourages our families to join this intercultural adventure by serving host families to welcome our visiting students and share our culture with them. Hosting families will earn La Salle service hours, and host students will be prioritized for travel applications. Currently, host families are not offered stipends or compensation, but In exchange, their host students will be hosted free of charge when visiting a partner school overseas.

If you want to host a visiting student, please submit your form electronically to Ms. Jialin "Sunny" Sun with the link below. For any questions, please get in touch with Ms. Sun at (626)-696-4389 or

Host Families Sign-Up Form (for Short-term Visiting International Students)

Scholarships for Exchange & Study Abroad

Additional Resources

  • National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)
  • Global Summit by Miss Porter’s School & the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (Summit)

Center Director
Jialin Sun

Sun is a long-time language & cultural studies and international exchange program specialist, and her area of expertise is in outreach programs that promote global education. With a Master's degree in Education Leadership and Management, complemented by a unique cross-cultural background, Ms. Sun channels her passion and vast knowledge to create opportunities that enable all members of La Salle’s community to connect with people and cultures through global studies and intercultural exchange. As the Center for Global Initiatives & Cultural Perspectives director, Ms. Sun organizes and oversees all exchange and collaborative programs with Lasallian schools and other partners worldwide. Ms. Sun can be reached at

Zaragoza, Spain

La Salle Montemolin & Gran Via

Prospective La Salle College Preparatory students contact the La Salle Admissions Office at for additional information.


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