Academic Rigor

We facilitate personalization of coursework within each discipline by offering students courses on campus which meet them where they are through on-level, Honors or Advanced Placement classes.

Quality Matters, a research journal which examines curriculum in higher education, collected the definitions of academic rigor from universities and colleges across the US to create the following unified definition:

"Intentionally crafted and sequenced learning activities and interactions that are supported by research and incorporating the following characteristics to support learning by including:

  • Opportunities for students to create their own understanding or interpretation of information.
  • Opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding or interpretation of information.
  • Opportunities for students to support their understanding or interpretation of information with evidence."

As a college preparatory program we believe it is essential to use this definition to shape La Salle learning experiences so that all graduates are prepared to meet these standards of performance at any institution of higher learning.

That is why our curriculum is intentionally designed to support students at all levels.

We begin by developing foundations of knowledge in 9th and 10th grade. In 11th and 12th grade our academic requirements incentivize students to capitalize on opportunities to create their own pathways for learning.

To support students who want a deeper and more varied learning experience we also offer students opportunities to take specialized courses online and in-person at local community colleges and with our national and international education partnerships.


La Salle College Preparatory was founded in 1956. Today, we are the only truly diverse and co-educational Catholic high school in Pasadena.