Become a Host Family

La Salle College Preparatory's Office of Global Programs is currently seeking Host Families for our International students. ALL current student families, alum families, and community friends who live within a 10-mile-radius of the school are welcome to apply. If you and your family are interested in hosting a future Lancer from abroad in your home, please CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO BECOME A HOST FAMILY.

Why should you consider hosting an international student?

  • Offer a holistic family cultural experience for the international student and your children.
  • Receive immersive real-world cultural experiences and gain new perspectives.
  • Support La Salle's mission through the lens of the American family.

What are some benefits of becoming a host family?

  • Experience the joy of learning about different cultures and fostering respect for others.
  • Teach your children to understand and respect students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Receive a monthly stipend to cover the expenses of hosting a student in your home.

Qualities of a robust host family:

  • Loving and caring.
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment.
  • Support our international students with their unique needs.
  • Rely on the support systems of the Office of Global Programs.

The Responsibilities of a Host Family

  • Foster cross-cultural experiences
  • Provide a secure, welcoming environment and engage the student in family activities.
  • Respect cultural differences and encourage English language immersion.
  • Ensure proper meals, a private room, and access to facilities, including internet and laundry.
  • Collaborate with the school, attend orientation, and maintain open communication.
  • Provide transportation to and from campus for school and school-related activities.
  • Assist with airport pick-up/drop-off and medical attention in emergencies.
  • Support the student's participation in school events and adhere to attendance policies.
  • Cooperate with background checks, regular check-ins, and reporting significant changes.
  • Maintain access to the student's records and never engage in inappropriate behavior.
  • Hosts are not obligated to provide accommodation for the student's natural family members.

**This condensed overview outlines the primary responsibilities of host families. Additional details will be available in the comprehensive host family contract.**

If you have any questions, please contact MJ Mao at Thank you for considering participating in our homestay program.


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