Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees at La Salle College Preparatory govern on behalf of the school's sponsor, De La Salle Christian Brothers. As a governing board, it does not function as an advisory body and is not involved in the daily operations of the school. The Board's purpose is to preserve and advance the mission of the school by developing board directives through which the President/CEO works to meet determined goals. The Board uses a system of checks and balances to hold the school and CEO accountable.

Policies are developed and monitored in four key areas:

  • Whom will the school serve, what results are expected for students and at what cost?
  • The boundaries in which the school's management can operate.
  • The definition of the distinct roles between the Board and the CEO.
  • The nature of how the board will perform its governance role and conduct its business.

All policies flow from the mission of La Salle College Preparatory and in the tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

Board of Trustees 2023 - 2024

  • Dr. Stephanie Paggi, Chair

  • Mr. Don Olender '70, P'08, '09

  • Mr. Nabil A. Bisharat '02

  • Mr. Robert (Bob) Carrejo

  • Mr. Mark S. Gamble P'22

  • Br. John Hoover, FSC

  • Mr. Brandon Ward '99

  • Mr. Matthew Allen Kohorst '07

  • Mr. Thomas Palffy P'03, '07, '08, '13, '15

  • Mr. Rocky Valiente '11

  • Mr. Camilo Becera P'18

  • Mr. Harry A. Olivar, Jr. P'12 '21

  • Mr. Perry Martin, School President


La Salle College Preparatory was founded in 1956. Today, we are the only truly diverse and co-educational Catholic high school in Pasadena.