April 10, 2024

How Lila Jacobson '26 and The Pillow Project Are Making a Difference

Meet Lila Jacobson '26, the heart and hands behind The Pillow Project. With the belief that "everyone should have a place to lay their head," Lila has been crafting pillows for Glendale's homeless, offering comfort, one pillow at a time. Her commitment has warmed the hearts and heads of many at Ascencia, a local shelter benefiting from her handmade pillows.

Lila's compassionate action caught the attention of Glendale's former Mayor and current Councilwoman, Paula DeVine, and Ascencia's team, shining a light on her inspiring work. From her home sewing studio to the hands of those in need, Lila's journey shows the power of young individuals in making a tangible difference.

As Lila plans to rally more youth for community service, let's applaud her initiative and the love she sews into each pillow. Here's to Lila for reminding us of the impact one person's passion and skill can have on the lives of many.


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