August 20, 2021

Weekly COVID-19 Testing Protocol Update

August 20, 2021

Dear La Salle Families,

As we conclude our first week of school, we’d like to express our thanks and appreciation for your patience and understanding during this period of transition. We have been extremely impressed with your children and their embrace of our health and safety protocols. Despite the challenges associated with returning to campus, it has been exciting to welcome them back to campus to learn in person, see their joy in interacting with their classmates and friends, and watch our school spirit come alive through activities and fellowship.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, we’ve worked closely with our partners at the Pasadena Public Health Department (PPHD). After reviewing the data and results received from our weekly testing protocol over a two-week period, we will be updating our testing protocols, in line with PPHD guidance.

COVID-19 Testing Opt-Out Option
We will continue to offer testing for all members of our school community, including faculty, staff, and students. However, if you would prefer your fully vaccinated student to be taken off the routine testing protocol, please click on the link below and upload a copy of your child's vaccination record. This information will remain private in the same way that all student health records are kept. The action of uploading your child’s vaccination record to opt-out of weekly testing is strictly voluntary but will support our safe environment and academic goals. Click here to complete our COVID-19 Testing Opt-Out Form

On-Campus Testing
COVID-19 testing will continue to be required for all those that do not choose to opt out using the above option. We will continue to offer an on-campus testing option with Capstone Labs. Testing will take place every Wednesday, from 1:30-3:30 PM. If you plan to have your child test on campus, regardless of vaccination status, please click here to complete the streamlined Capstone testing form. If you choose to test off-campus, please continue to submit your child’s test results via the MyMedBot app.

Vaccination Recommendation
For the overall safety of our school environment, we would like to encourage our students to become vaccinated, as recommended by the Pasadena Public Health Department. We believe that both vaccination and testing will prove to support a healthy combination to enhance our on-campus environment. Scientific data released by the CDC shows that:

  1. Vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease.

  2. Breakthrough infections among vaccinated individuals remain uncommon and infections typically are far less serious.

  3. The majority of new COVID-19 infections and most hospitalizations in the US are among unvaccinated people.

Employee Testing and Vaccination Requirement
As you may be aware, on August 11th, the California Department of Public Health issued an updated health order stating that all K-12 public and private school employees (paid and unpaid) will need to demonstrate proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or be subjected to weekly COVID-19 testing. Please note that La Salle College Preparatory is in compliance with this health order.

If you have any questions regarding our updated COVID-19 testing protocols, please email We appreciate your flexibility and understanding, as we work to navigate the changing landscape COVID-19 has presented.


Kjersti Holyfield & Kate Williams
COVID-19 Compliance Officers
Associate Deans of Student Development and Accountability


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