March 25, 2022

Reality Fair

On Wednesday, March 23rd the Sophomore Class participated in La Salle's first ever Reality Fair during the Mentor period.

What’s a Reality fair? The purpose of the Reality Fair is for students to see the connection between career and potential earnings/lifestyle. Basically, it’s a game meant to help students understand the cost of living and the choices they will make in adulthood.

Sophomores were randomly given a career profile and salary. In the dining hall, students rotated through six stations that included things like real estate, bills, car sales, groceries, and entertainment, to make their purchases and update their budget sheet accordingly.

The goal of the game was for students to have a zero-dollar balance or money left over after all of their expenses were paid.

The goal was to facilitate student growth as they learn the connection between career choices, living expenses, and having to make adult decisions - all in a fun and interactive way!


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