July 28, 2022

John and Michael Baghdassarian '23 Make Big Impacts in Micro Ways

Twin brothers, John and Michael Baghdassarian '23, aren’t just saying our motto of Learn, Serve, and Lead, they are living it out. They had an idea. But unlike others, it didn’t just stay an idea, it became action.

They wanted to engage communities and create sustainability and efficiency and realized that micro solutions might be a way to do that. Collaborating with the Children of Armenia Fund and connecting with the locals of the beautiful village of Debet, John and Michael developed and fine-tuned the idea of microloans and that idea became a successful business plan.

John and Michael embarked on a month-long journey to Armenia. But as with most things, the journey was not easy. They visited local businesses like cheese-making facilities and bee farms and found out firsthand the difficulties of harsh road conditions–road conditions that could be obstacles to the distribution of goods.

They found great local candidates who wanted to improve their village; one was a military veteran who lost his previous beehives in the 44-day war and the other, were two sisters who completed their COAF program. They will use the funds to start beekeeping businesses. The sale of the honey from those businesses will be able to fund other small businesses.

This example of compassion and inclusive community, and respect for all persons of John and Michael Baghdassarian on a global, cultural, and economic level are core principles of La Salle College Preparatory and we are so proud to see them living these out in their lives.

They are both an inspiration to all of us here at La Salle College Preparatory.

Let’s give a Lancer shout-out to John and Michael Baghdassarian!

May we all continue to Learn, Serve, and Lead.


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