Class of 1971 Tribute Book

Bio Guide for your Class of ’71 Tribute Book

For your bio page, we ask that you follow a story format versus brief answers. Write whatever you’d like or use any or all of the points below as a guide. You can refer to Robert Nuccio’s or Alan Hiti’s bio pages for style, length and format. Please use the space provided below.

NOTE: Please keep your bios under 450 words.

· College(s) you attended / degree(s) / major(s).

· Describe your work / what you do or if retired, what you did.

· What else has kept you busy these past 50 years?

· Tell us about your hobbies or other interests.

· Do you have a “Bucket List” or things that you want to do in the coming years?

· Anything else you’d like to share about your life since La Salle.

· Tell us your favorite memory from La Salle.

· What is the best advice you can give someone entering high school today?

· If you could do part of your La Salle experience again, what would you do differently?

· What former classmates have you kept in touch with?

NOTE: your story and photos must be submitted by Friday, May 6, 2022

Digital Photo Request

Please email a current picture of yourself and include pictures of anyone else that you’d like (i.e., spouse, significant other, kids, grandkids, pets, etc.) to


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