Digital Tools

La Salle College Preparatory utilizes "Schoology" (a web-based *L*earning *M*anagement *S*ystem (LMS) as part of our 1:1 technology environment. Through this method of instruction, each student will:

  • Use an iPad or MacBook as their primary data storage/retrieval tool.
  • Have every class at their fingertips via the mobile application Schoology.
  • Submit various assignments using the web as a transmission medium.
  • Use their device as a textbook when appropriate.
  • Use their device as a calendar or planner that is linked to all classes and all assignments.
  • Take digital notes when appropriate.
  • Carry out assignments using multi-media recording/editing/playback when appropriate.
  • Collaborate with others without being bound by physical location.
  • Access the web in real time when “in-class” instruction calls for such activities.
  • Learn the value of intelligent searching and filtering of web-based content.
  • Receive training and gain proficiency in appropriate use within an academic environment.

Through Schoology, La Salle’s access portal for courses will become more customizable to the needs of the individual student. Authorized users of Schoology will have a variety of tools available for their use.

Schoology's benefits and opportunities can allow for:

  • Student performance information will be more immediately available to all who are involved with the success of a student
  • Instructors will more effectively leverage web-based and non-web-based digital material for course enhancement, review, and support.
  • Each student will be better positioned to progress at his or her own pace.
  • Each student will benefit from full integration of assignments into digitized calendars
  • Students will be alerted and reminded in, real time, of changes that occur in their academic schedules
  • Furthermore, this interface will be contemporary in format and will prepare the student for the digital landscape of collegiate communities
  • Students will be able to create multimedia content without additional devices.

Additional Tools:


The Naviance college and career readiness platform offers a variety of solutions that enable students and families to collaborate more effectively with counselors and teachers and allow school administrators to optimize student potential and learning outcomes.

Naviance can provide resources for:

  • Self-Discovery
  • College Planning
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Career Exploration
  • Test Preparation
  • Family Connection
  • Academic Planning
  • Transcripts


Through PowerSchool, parents can check to see whether or not your child is in class right now, find out what tonight's homework is, confirm that last night's homework was handed in, and view your child's final grades as they exist in the teacher's gradebook at this very moment. You can also track the formative progress of your child's performance on state standards, register to receive alert notifications, review the daily comments from teachers, and much more.

Suggested Applications

Google Drive
An online "cloud" drive that can allow collaboration between students on various documents and spreadsheets.

An inexpensive note-taking application that allows students to interact with their assignments at a whole new level.

An online, collaborative, vocabulary-based program that will aid students with creating flashcards for and practicing course themes.

An online video application that will allow students to re-experience lectures and be led through assignments and other useful processes.


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