Acceptable Use & FAQs

Acceptable Use

Computers are available on campus to support student learning. They are provided as a
tool for class research and completion of assignments. These computers have access to a wide range of educational materials. The School staff cannot individually monitor all of the information that a student is able to access, download, or transmit.

All students are issued a login name and password which are to be kept confidential. Students are held responsible for maintaining the security of their login names and passwords. Any student who suspects misuse of the school’s network should report it to a teacher or staff member immediately.

The cost of repairing computer equipment resulting from careless or irresponsible use is the responsibility of the student. Additionally, disciplinary sanctions will be imposed. As a school which makes use of iPads, students may only use their iPad and apps as assigned or approved by the teacher.

The following activities are prohibited at all times:Attempting to install, installing, downloading from the Internet, or running any program not provided by the School;Playing games, including downloads from the Internet;Attempting to visit or visiting Internet chat rooms;Attempting to visit, visiting, attempting to view, viewing, emailing or printing morally objectionable sites or materials;Attempting to bypass or bypassing any security systems;Sending or receiving personal e-mail; or, passing along any e-mail chain letters;Using La Salle e-mail or network services for business transactions of any type.

It is forbidden to use the name “La Salle College Preparatory,” initials, logo, or pictures of staff, students, facilities or school activities on the Internet without written permission.

Users may not post to social media websites, or distribute via cell phone communications or pictures which a reasonable person, according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, would consider to be defamatory, offensive, harassing, disruptive, derogatory or bullying. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual comments or images, racial or ethnic slurs, or other comments or images that would offend someone on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, political beliefs, mental or physical disability, or veteran status.

The publication of anything that is degrading, lewd (sexting), threatening or violent may result in serious disciplinary action including expulsion.


    How will 1:1 technology be used?

    There are a variety of different applications for this new technology. Some of the main components are listed below:

    • Use an iPad or MacBook as their primary data storage/retrieval tool.
    • Have every class at their fingertips via the mobile application Schoology.
    • Submit various assignments using the web as a transmission medium.
    • Use their device as a textbook when appropriate.
    • Use their device as a calendar or planner that is linked to all classes and all assignments.
    • Take digital notes when appropriate.
    • Carry out assignments using multi-media recording/editing/playback when appropriate.
    • Collaborate with others without being bound by physical location.
    • Access the web in real time when “in-class” instruction calls for such activities.
    • Learn the value of intelligent searching and filtering of web-based content.
    • Receive training and gain proficiency in appropriate use within an academic environment.

    How will the 1:1 program improve curriculum?

    La Salle is sensitive to the essential and irreplaceable role of the experienced and dedicated instructor. As a community of educators we have been faithful to answering one overriding question: how will the implementation of technology improve our instruction?

    • Schoology will allow for more customization for individual needs.
    • Student performance information will be more immediately available.
    • Instructors will more effectively leverage digital material for course improvements.
    • Each student will be better positioned to progress at his or her own pace.
    • Students will sample the digital landscape of collegiate communities.
    • Students will be able to create multimedia content without additional devices.

    What device should my child get? iPad or MacBook?

    ​Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly which device to get. Each student is different and will interact differently depending on the device. The chart below will be able to shed some light to help explain which device may be best for you and your child.

    Pros for iPad

    • Less expensive to purchase
    • Less expensive to fix/replace
    • More portable and easier to carry
    • Easier for reading text/books
    • Touchscreen
    • Easier to install and manage apps

    Pros for MacBook

    • Easier for multitasking
    • Easier for content production
    • All-in-one device
    • More powerful hardware
    • Newer models have higher battery life
    • Base models have more internal storage

    What are the required minimum technical specification for each device?

    We ask that students purchase the device that meets the minimum specifications but devices employing the recommended specifications will be more optimal as they will be more compatible with the applications used in daily activities. You can purchase the device at retail stores, ordered through, or through a 3rd party source (eBay, Amazon, etc).
    We also recommend AppleCare+ or a similar warranty be purchased.

    The minimum specifications for the iPad are as follows:
    -Generation 2 (iPad 2) or newer
    -At least 16gb of internal memory/storage
    -iOS 9 or newer
    -iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed

    The recommended specifications for the iPad are as follows:
    -The newest model of the iPad Air with AppleCare+
    -64 gb of internal memory/storage
    -iOS 9
    -iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed
    -External keyboard
    -A protective case

    The minimum specifications for the Apple laptop are as follows:
    -The computer must be circa late 2008 or newer (MacBook Pro from mid/late 2007 is OK)
    -The computer must run OS X El Capitan (v10.10) or newer
    -At least 64 gb of internal memory/storage
    -Current anti-virus must be installed
    -iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed

    The recommended specifications for the Apple laptop are as follows:
    -2015 MacBook Air with OS X El Capitan (v10.10) and AppleCare+
    -At least 128 gb of internal memory/storage
    -At least 2 gb of RAM
    -Current anti-virus must be installed
    -iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed
    -A protective case

    There are a few different places you can obtain a warranty for your device. The following options are provided as a convenience and are not endorsed by La Salle College Preparatory. Each parent must decide, after researching the warranty product, what is right for their daughter or son.
    -Worth Ave Group

    Regardless of what type of computer/device the student uses, they are required to adhere to all existing rules and guidelines from the acceptable use policy.

    Can I use an older, an Android, or Microsoft device instead?

    Currently, the iPad and MacBook offer the most cost efficient solution, providing the highest quality digital textbooks and largest availability of educational apps/resources. In order to give the students the best and most cost efficient college preparatory education and to give high quality support, the iPad and MacBooks are the only devices accepted at this time. We will continue to explore the use of other devices for the future. Older generations of the Apple devices will have issues running newer software and may not even be able to load some applications.

    • The updated version of Google applications (Google Drive) requires iOS 7 or newer (iPad) and OS X Lion 10.7 or newer (MacBook)

    • Schoology will not function on older devices.

    • Most electronic textbooks support older operating systems, but this will change as updates and features are added to electronic textbooks in a constantly changing marketplace.

    • Many current multimedia applications require iOS 7/OS X 10.7 or newer.

    Not having an on-board camera will require the student to take extra steps with multiple devices if they are to present work requiring multimedia elements through their devices.

    Will the iPad/MacBook be the only personal device that a student can use?

    For the purpose of mobility and consistency of user interface, we require an iPad or MacBook as the primary computing device. There will be times when a traditional laptop/desktop computer will be more practical for assignments requiring an extended input of text. For these instances, a student may use their personal laptops or any of the existing desktops on campus that are reserved for student use. Every student will continue to have access to all of La Salle College Preparatory’s currently existing computer resources and they can use them according to the needs of their individual assignments.

    La Salle will also provide the following resources for student use:

    • A La Salle account (powered by Google) for email and file storage
    • A PowerSchool account to access grades online
    • A Schoology account for completing assignments
    • Access to free WiFi and printing on campus
    • Access to a full computer lab in the library

    Will there be a student orientation day for technology prior to the first day of class?

    Yes, as part of our orientation day, we will familiarize each student with the following items.


    • Finding the Schoology mobile app
    • Downloading the Schoology app
    • Finding La Salle High School in the Schoology app
    • Login process
    • Basic navigation process

    Device Security

    • Screen lock password/using it and keeping it secret
    • Keeping the device in sight/in your possession
    • Turning on the “Find My iPad” function
    • Activating iCloud for data backup
    • Put stickers on you iPad

    Device Care

    • Keep it clean
    • Don't throw it around
    • If it is in your backpack don't throw the backpack around
    • Don't place heavy things on it

    Charging the Device

    • Remember to keep it charged
    • Charge it overnight as a best practice
    • What to do in case an emergency battery charge is needed

    Will the device ever need to be replaced?

    In general, we expect a two-to-four-year lifespan for the devices. The more important question here is how long will a particular device be able to use the “minimum required iOS operating system”. Some things to consider:

    -More RAM and a larger hard drive installed on the device will extend the useful lifespan.

    -Proper physical care and handling of the device will extend the useful lifespan.

    -A resourceful student may be able to extend the life of the device beyond the norm.

    Will the device be used in all classes all the time?

    Not necessarily. The point of implementing our 1:1 technology environment is to support and enhance the delivery of curriculum at La Salle College Preparatory. We want our curriculum to drive technology. With that said:

    • Each student will bring their charged device to school every day. The best analogy is that the device is a digital backpack and assistant.

    • As instruction is carried out, there will be times when using the device is appropriate and other times when it is inappropriate. The student will be expected to have the device ready should the instructor call for its use in class.

    Is a student allowed to install any item(s) on his/her device that is not part of the required suite of applications specific to the La Salle College Preparatory requirements?

    The device is owned by the student/parents. Whether used or not used, if a student has inappropriate applications installed on the device they bring to La Salle College Preparatory, the guidelines explained within the Acceptable Use Policy will be followed.

    Should the device be insured?

    La Salle does not require each device to be insured but we strongly recommend it.
    There are a few different places you can obtain a warranty for your device. The following options are provided as a convenience and are not endorsed by La Salle College Preparatory. Each parent must decide, after researching the warranty product, what is right for their daughter or son.
    -Worth Ave Group

    Does La Salle have WiFi?

    The wireless network is open and spread out throughout the campus, including all classrooms, the cafeteria, and outdoor areas. Students can connect to the WiFi network using the SSID “lshs.” On average, students can expect relatively fast Internet connection; devices average about 20 Mbps download, and 20 Mbps upload speeds.

    In order to help maintain this infrastructure, La Salle has a technology fee of $25 that will be billed to your tuition.

    How do I download the textbooks onto my device?

    All electronic textbooks and book lists can be found on our textbook list. Books can be purchased and downloaded iBooks, Amazon, or another reputable vendor.

    What apps do I need for my device?

    The following are standard apps that will be used at La Salle regardless of grade level or course type. Please keep in mind that today’s mobile application marketplace is very dynamic and there will be times when the list of standard apps will change.

    • Powerschool Mobile
    • Schoology
    • Google Drive
    • Notability - $2.99 Note taking application
    • E-Mail application (G-Mail, iMail, etc)
    • YouTube
    • Quizlet
    • Other apps will be decided by the teacher

    Who do I refer to if I need additional help?

    If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Roy Chang either via E-mail or phone.

    Does La Salle utilize social media?

    Yes. La Salle utilizes a variety of different digital mediums to keep in contact with prospective and current students as well as parents and alumni. You can visit any of our pages using the following links:

    Click here for Facebook
    Click here for photo albums (Flickr)
    Click here for the athletic calendar
    Click here for the school calendar
    Click here for Twitter
    Click here for Instagram

    Will the information found in this FAQ ever change?

    This FAQ is a dynamic document and will be updated as our shared experience with the 1:1 technology environment matures.


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