Social Emotional

An integral part of counseling is to nurture and strengthen students’ social-emotional well being which serves as the foundation for overall growth and development. Counselors focus services to help students understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve productive goals, feel and show empathy towards others, maintain and establish positive relationships, and make thoughtful decisions.

La Salle College Preparatory counselors offer an array of support services to students and parents as part of our Healthy Choices curriculum. This series is embedded into all four years of high school and includes lessons, activities, workshops, and guest speakers. Our program highlights are below and services are reimagined each year to fit the current needs of our students and families.

Ongoing One-on-One Meetings

Counselors meet with students at least twice a semester to check-in on their well being and offer individualized support and referrals as needed. Counselors will connect with the parents and community resources for wraparound care when fitting.

9th to 12th Grade Lessons via Mentor

Counselors put together lessons which are primarily delivered during the Mentor period. Mentor is a class occurring on B-days about two to three times each week. Students have the same Mentor teacher and classroom peers all four years to maintain consistency and build a close community. Topics vary each year and have included the following:

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Anxiety and stress management

  • De-stigmatization of mental health

  • Developing self-awareness and life skills

  • Building positive coping skills and resiliency

  • Boundary setting and healthy relationships

  • Conflict resolution and communication styles

  • Power of choice and decision making

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are invited each year to present to the student body. Our featured guest speakers have presented on social media and digital safety, mental health and coping skills, domestic violence and personal safety, and anti-bullying.

Social Support Group

Our Learning Specialist facilitates a social support group for students who share similar hardships to learn from and lean on one another. Students are able to share their personal experiences and feelings while gaining positive strategies to cope with the challenges they face. The Social Support Group available in the past have included Grief & Loss and Anxiety Management.

Crisis Response Team

The Crisis Response Team consists of the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Counseling, and Learning Specialist. This team intervenes with our at-risk students to provide care, conduct wellness assessments, and serve as liaisons to community mental health providers.


Mental Health Community Resource List
Mental Health Referral List

If you have any questions about mental health support, please contact the Director of Counseling.


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