CARLOW Center for Medical Innovation

La Salle College Preparatory stands apart by delivering a pre-med virtual reality curriculum.

This program inspires future health care practitioners to follow their passions and learn and practice medicine while still in high school! Our new $1M CARLOW Center of Medical Innovation is the best example of our commitment to the future of our students and to our community. Our mission is to prepare students to be college and career-ready health care leaders providing compassionate care to their communities. The Medical Center will be the first of its kind offered by a Catholic school allowing students to learn in age-appropriate virtual medical spaces.

Medical Careers Pathway Program

In the program, each student will gain valuable experience that will give them a foundation for early acceptance to higher education programs in Pre-Med, Biological & Medical Anthropology, Biochemistry and Medical Engineering alongside a lifetime of career satisfaction following their professional passion. Students enrolled in the pathway program at the Center for Medical Innovation will be given the opportunity to participate in community networking, career counseling, job shadowing, and student research in partnership with Shriners Hospital for Children® and other local organizations.

Guest medical professionals will provide students with first-hand knowledge and instruction. Additionally, local community researchers will collaborate on medical investigations providing our La Salle students with local, regional, and national research opportunities. The CARLOW Center for Medical Innovation is open to students interested in various fields in healthcare, from pharmacology to pathology, robotic prosthetics engineering, and biomedical research.

The La Salle Center for Medical Innovation Pathway will include:

  • VR Skills Labs
  • Academic Courses
  • Internships
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Medical Research Studies
  • Lectures
  • College Vocational Certifications

    Center Facilities & Equipment

    It is hard to simulate realistic health care or trauma experiences where students can learn, and no one actually has to get hurt. The CARLOW Center of Medical Innovation will host virtual facilities and equipment, including interactive patients and authentic learning environments from our virtual care library including: Exam Rooms, Operating Rooms, ICU, NICU, PICU, Outdoor Cityscapes, Residential, Assisted, & Long Term Care Facilities, and a lot more.

    Acadicus Virtual Platforms

    Acadicus is an exciting virtual reality healthcare platform where students can experience actual clinical environments relevant to their future and receive extensive training in medical terminology, communication, and teamwork across a variety of healthcare environments. By bringing participants together students will interact with patients and peers inside the VR scenario, without the restraints of physical location. The Acadicus curriculum provides realistic trauma simulations to teach students to rely on their training, regulate their emotions, thoughts, and actions, triage patients, and practice complex skills to resolve traumatic medical situations. In addition to an expansive VR library of medical scenarios, this platform also allows an instructor to quickly create additional healthcare scenarios that are most relevant to our students.

    Prostheses Center-Caring and Investing in State of the Art Scanners and 3D Printers

    Few things in life are harder than being born without a limb or losing a limb later in life. We have invested in high-end scanners and 3D printers to engineer and produce prosthetic arms, legs, hands, and feet to serve all those less unfortunate who live life daily without. Young aspiring medical practitioners will become highly trained in the technical skills of the creation of artificial prostheses and consult with experts in the field to hone their skills in the design and application of each prosthetic. With great appreciation for those who served our country, our center will provide engineered prosthetics to help transform the lives of pediatric patients and honor the sacrifice of veterans.

    Anatomage Table-Delivering studies in functional Anatomy and Physiology

    Our State of Art 3D Anatomage table provides opportunities for our students to visualize human anatomy with the highest level of accuracy. This technology will transform the way kinesiology is taught and how students learn anatomy and physiology. Anatomage bodies provide active physiological responses inside a living human body, simulating and projecting the same responses one would experience in a research laboratory or clinical setting.

    The CARLOW Center for Medical Uniforms & Schedule

    Our newly constructed facility is located on the ground floor adjacent to the La Salle Library and Resource Center. All students must wear scrubs, coats, and shoes appropriate for the medical/lab environment. Uniforms will be sold in the La Salle Armory and may serve as a school uniform if the student chooses to wear them. Our new Center will be open from 2:25-4:00 pm daily for labs, academic support, and skill practice.

    Capstone Project

    Students will be encouraged to work in teams to present their discoveries and progress. The goal of the capstone project is to drive students to develop deeper learning and complex skill development by bridging critical problem solving with real world work experience.

    Students who successfully complete the virtual reality health skill scenarios, 50 hours of community service in the health-care industry and 2-4 course credits from Pasadena City College or La Salle’s online virtual course library will earn a Verified Certification of Core Learning.

    Coursework & Skills

    Skills Lab

    • CPR/AED
    • First Aid
    • Gathering Patient Medical History
    • Vital Signs
    • Medical Emergency Management
    • Splinting Broken Bones
    • Managing Spinal Injuries
    • Advanced Patient Care

    PCC Dual Enrollment

    • Introduction to Health Sciences
    • Medical Terminology
    • Human Disease
    • Health Information Technology
    • Pharmacology for Medical Assistants
    • Basic Physiology and Anatomy

    La Salle's Online Courses

    • Medical Terminology
    • Health, Safety, and Ethics in the Health Environment
    • Introduction to Health Sciences
    • Scientific Discovery and Development
    • Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Healthcare
    • Therapeutics: The Art of Restoring & Maintaining Wellness
    • Veterinary Medicine: The Care of Animals

    Prospective La Salle College Preparatory students contact the La Salle Admissions Office at for additional information.

    Center Director
    Elizabeth Parga, M.S. Chemistry

    Ms. Parga is an adjunct professor at Pasadena City College and a biology instructor at La Salle. She is also a published cancer research scientist with qualifications in cancer genomics and stem cell research and therapy. As the Carlow Center for Medical Innovation Director, she will instruct and guide La Salle students through the Medical Innovations Program. She can be reached at:

    The CARLOW Center for Medical Innovation at La Salle College Preparatory is generously funded by a grant from the Carrico Family Foundation.


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