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Board of Regents

Board of Regents
Dennis Jebbia, Esq. (Chair)
Mr. Doug Campbell
Colleen Deziel, Esq.,  P’17
Mr. Raymond Ealy, P’13
Peter Godfrey, Esq.,  P’07,’08
Mr. Peter S. Griffith, P’00,’03
Scott Hancock, Esq.,  P’11,’11,’11
Mr. Bret Hardy, P’16, ‘19
Mr. Bill Kinney, P'19
Mr. David Lam, P’08,’09
Mrs. Linda Lui, P’17
Mr. Joe Lumarda, P'14
Mr. Edward Malicdem ’88, P’16, ‘19
Mrs. Leigh Olivar, P ‘12
Mr. Tom Radle, P’17
Mrs. Lisa Rico, P'17, '18
Mr. Brent Schoenbaum, P’16, ‘19
Mrs. Karen Sisson, P’16
Mrs. Chelisa Vagim, P’16
Mrs. Sheri Wedeen, P’17,’17
Mrs. Julie Williams, P'04
Mr. Brad Wright '73, P’07,’12
Mr. Matt Wright, P’15
Mrs. Irina Xue, P’17
Joseph M. Zanetta, Esq., P'12 
The role of the Regents is to promote a culture of philanthropy among all of La Salle’s constituencies. This includes the identification, cultivation and solicitation of individuals and institutions capable of providing meaningful philanthropic support to La Salle High School. The Regents serve as ambassadors, as hosts of cultivation events, as volunteer solicitors, and as donors who lead by example. The purpose of the Regents is to provide meaningful support and to engage the students, faculty, alumni, parents, grant makers and community in providing additional resources to the School. In their role, Regents:
  • Help strategically position the School in the community;
  • Identify, explore and introduce to the Board any sources of financial support and generally  assist with institutional advancement activities.
  • Suggest potential new members for the Board and its committees;
  • Promote the mission, goals and objectives of La Salle High School to increase public awareness, understanding and support of the School.
The Board of Regents may have a maximum of 30 members who serve on on or more of its seven committees. While the goals of each committee differ, all committees are generally tasked with assisting the President and the Director of Institutional Advancement (DIA) in the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of current and prospective donors from various constituencies including alumni, parents, foundations, corporations, and friends of the School.  Standing committees include but are not limited to the following:
Mission Support Committee
Composed of a Chair, the President, and others selected by the President, the Mission Support Committee evaluates the School’s effectiveness in fulfilling the Mission. The Mission Support Committee provides feedback to the Board of Trustees, the Board of Regents, and the President, on educational/ cultural “product” enhancement to ensure the School’s worthiness of philanthropy.  The Committee plans and administers the annual Mission Effectiveness Workshop.  
Financial Development Committee
Composed of a Chair and the chairpersons of the following fundraising initiatives: Grandparents, Alumni, Parent Pledge Program, Golf Tournament, and Crystal Ball, the Financial Development Committee assists the School’s fundraising efforts by providing oversight for fundraising endeavors. On a project-by-project basis the chairpersons of these various revenue sources may use the Board of Regents as a “think tank”, a source of counsel and/or a pool from which to source volunteers.  The DIA provides staff support for the work of this Committee.
Executive Committee
Composed of the President, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Regents, the DIA, and all standing Committee Chairs, the Executive Committee facilitates the work of the Board of Regents, reviews the goals of all standing committees for recommendation to the Board prior to the first meeting of the fiscal year, periodically evaluates progress toward the successful implementation of each committee’s annual goals, and reviews and approves Board agendas in advance of each meeting.   
Steering Committee
Composed of a Chair and others as may be helpful in formulating strategic and tactical recommendations to support the Board and President in establishing a master plan for major funding initiatives and Capital Campaign.
Board Development Committee
Composed of a Chair and others as may be helpful in achieving the committee’s ends, the Board Development Committee plans for the recruiting, vetting, training and orientation of new Regents, conducts a periodic Board evaluation, mentors new Regents, evaluates individual Regent performance, plans the annual Board Retreat and works to improve the Board’s effectiveness and member involvement. 
Marketing Committee
Composed of a Chair and others as may be helpful in achieving the committee’s ends, the Marketing Committee assesses and makes recommendations with respect to La Salle’s strategic positioning, consistent branding, and effective communication strategies to ensure the School presents itself to its best advantage and is worthy of philanthropy.
Community Relations Committee
Composed of a Chair and others as may be helpful in achieving the committee’s ends, the Community Relations Committee focuses on engaging the community, including parents of alumni, with La Salle High School to provide the Board, President and the Director of Institutional Advancement with personal contacts within the community who can assist  the School in advancing its mission and interests.   

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