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Guidance & Counseling

The purpose of Guidance and Counseling at La Salle High School is to nurture, inspire, challenge and motivate our students to recognize the uniqueness of their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and artistic potential.  In partnership with parents and teachers, the counselors and advisors serve as advocates for the students entrusted to our care. Guidance and Counseling is formalized into four inter-connected components that help to serve the student of La Salle and their families.

Guidance and Counseling Department Belief Statement 

The counselors and advisors of La Salle High School believe that all students have:

  • Inherent value as a person;
  • Access to services in the academic, career, and/or personal/social domains;
  • Access to the professional services of academic advisors, college counselors, the learning specialist, and the school psychologist.

The La Salle High School comprehensive school counseling program will:

  • Be planned and coordinated by the Associate Principal for Student Services, the Associate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction, academic advisors and counselors with input from parents, faculty, alumni and community representatives;
  • Use data to evaluate and shape program development;
  • Be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

And that all advisors and counselors at La Salle High School will:

  • Proactively monitor students’ progress;
  • Abide by professional ethics;
  • Participate in regular professional development to enhance and maintain quality programs.
Academic Advising

All students are assigned an academic advisor to assist them in the planning of their academic program and the selection of proper courses to fulfill their graduation requirements. Students accepted into the Honors Program or students with special learning needs are assigned special academic advisers. The student’s academic advisor is listed on the student schedule page of PowerSchool.

The duties of the academic advisor include:

  • Meeting with students to review their academic progress and program of study
  • Assisting students as needed during the first five class days of each semester to process class change requests
  • Meeting with students and parents to plan future programs of study.
  • Meeting with students receiving less than satisfactory grades and referring students for appropriate assistance, such as tutoring or the Student Success Workshop
Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist at La Salle High School works under the direction of the Associate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction to assist in the development of learning skills for students with diagnosed special needs.

Duties include:

  • Counsel and support students with diagnosed learning differences.
  • Conduct a study skills class for students selected by the Associate Principal for Curriculum & Instruction.
  • Communicate and assist faculty with the implementation of accommodations to support students with learning differences.
  • Identify candidates for testing to determine if learning issues may be present.
  • Provide referral information to students and parents.
  • Set up meetings with parents of students with learning differences.

Contact the Learning Specialist
Debby Sinnette-Baird

Every student is assigned a Mentor who facilitates that student’s Mentor Group for their years at La Salle. The Mentor Group meets twice a week. The four-year curriculum is designed by a standing faculty committee. The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, such topics as: academic success, preparation for standardized testing, college information, and relevant personal development and social issues. Mentors may vary the curriculum based on the needs of their group.
Student Success Workshop (SSW)
A student may take advantage of SSW tutoring after school Monday through Thursday. SSW is coordinated by teachers who assists students with homework, study and organizational skills. Students may elect on their own initiative to attend these sessions or they may be referred by teachers, advisors, or parents. Students experiencing academic difficulties may be required to attend by the Administration.

Teacher Tutoring
Teachers are available on an ongoing basis at lunch or after school. Please consult the teacher for availability.

Peer Tutoring
Student members of the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society provided teacher supervised tutoring during lunchtime. Schedules are posted.

Private Tutoring
Teachers may communicate with private tutors only after written parent consent has been filed with the Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction. 

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