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Service Hours

Working with fellow parents or even on your own to support the variety of activities at La Salle is a fun and fulfilling endeavor.  Your time and effort make our La Salle Community a positive and rewarding experience for our students as well as the adults who support them at school and at home.

Are there any unlisted events that can count towards service hours?
Yes. There are service opportunities that may not be specifically listed in the newsletter which count for parent service hours such as driving athletes to games; chaperoning field trips/events; judging speech and debate tournaments; career day; and the like. Additionally, some events credit more hours than actual time spent due to the nature of the event or expertise required. Check with the Coordinator, Faculty or Administrator involved for specific needs and service hours earned, and be sure those hours are logged in.

Please note: Donations of cash and/or items to the school and all school related events do not earn service hours; this includes donations made to the Annual Giving Program, Crystal Ball, Golf Tournament, and See's Candy Fundraiser as well as in-kind donations of school supplies and/or equipment. 

What are some examples of approved methods to earn service hours?
Signing up for one (or multiple) No Cost Fundraisers

Parents Association/Booster Officer and/or Committee Chairs – 20 hours

Hospitality – Actual time at event
Set-up, Clean-up, Serving Refreshments at various hosted events and/or meetings 

Chaperones – Actual time at event
School Dances and Field Trips

Baked Goods – 1 hour/2 dozen cookies or similar
Providing cookies, cakes, fruit platters for school events
(make sure to label your goods w/name, student and amount)

Physical Activities – Actual time spent, plus Cost of Material/$15
Building Props, Cheer Boxes, Field Maintenance, etc.

Administrative Support – Actual time spent
Library, Student Physicals, Photography, Newsletter, Office Help, Van Driver, etc.

Sports Events – Actual time spent
Ticket Sales, Snack Bar, Security, Statisticians, Timers, etc.

Snacks/Dinners – Actual cost of meal or snack/$15
Snacks & refreshment for team sports, team or cast dinners

Meeting Attendance/Participation – 1 hour per parent
Parents Association Meeting or Academic/Arts/Athletic/Student Life Booster Meetings; Parent Education series, etc.
How do I earn service hours?
The most popular ways to earn hours is to volunteer to work an event or donate refreshments.  To sign up to volunteer for an event login on the PA Volunteer Website.  Click on the Calendar tab and sign up on the date of the event.  You will see exactly what is needed for the event (volunteers, food, set-up, clean-up, etc.) and can easily click and sign up online.  You will receive an automatic email (i.e. from the computer, not a human) noting your sign up.  You should also receive a confirmation email from the event coordinator (a friendly human) with further details of your service.  The contact information for the event coordinator is noted on the calendar in case you have any questions.
How are service hours monitored or tracked?
Parents are required to enter their own hours on the PA Volunteer Website under the Hours tab.  It is strongly suggested that you log the hours as you earn them so you don’t forget.  Fall hours should be entered by January 15 and hours earned in the spring semester should be entered by June 15.  You can check how many hours you have entered using the Reports feature on the PA Volunteer Website.  Sign in sheets are maintained in order to confirm hours and help resolve discrepancies.  Hours earned apply to the current school year only and are cleared by August 1st prior to the start of the next school year.  
Are there any events that are specifically excluded from service hours?
Yes. Attending games, plays, musicals, fundraisers, back to school nights, parent conferences, etc., do not count towards service hours.
Where do I find service hour opportunities?
A wide array of service hour opportunities is available on the PA Volunteer Website on the Calendar tab.  You will also see notices in the Parent Newsletter or via emails directly from the school.  You may also have completed an interest form which was passed along to the respective Boosters group or Committee.  You are usually added to the email distribution list for activities and service opportunities.  But if you see an event of interest, you can contact the coordinator or chair directly.
How many service hours are required each year?
Parents are required to earn 20 service hours each year.  A 10 hour credit is given to single parent households. But don’t worry – you’ll earn them before you know it!  Volunteering is fun and provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with their students and each other.  Unfulfilled hours are billed at the rate of $15 per each hour missing.  

Click here for more information and some FAQs 

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Cribbs

If you would like to sign up for an event or activity, please visit the PA Volunteer Website or read the most current Parent Newsletter.

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