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New Family Information

Transitioning to high school can be a big change. At La Salle, our job is to create a tight-knit, inclusive community - one where everyone is equally informed and welcome. This FAQ is designed to help new and returning parents navigate some of the areas that may otherwise be confusing or hard to find. If, for whatever reason, you think that an answer is not present or you have a suggestion for something else that would be helpful, please contact the webmaster

What are the tuition payment schedules?
You will have a different payment plan depending on the plan you have selected. Please refer to the Financial Information component of the website for specifics.
If you require more information, please contact Robert Packard, Chief Financial Officer, at 626.696.4334

International students who will be attending La Salle in the fall must call the Director of Global Education for current tuition and fees (626.696.4363).

Please Note all incoming students, all obligations are payable by ACH authorization (direct debit/payment plans) or credit card/check (annually).
Do I need to fill out any health or emergency forms?
Before the start of each academic year, we ask all new and returning students to fill out a few health and emergency forms online. These forms are typically made available in early August. If you are new to La Salle, we will mail you your login credentials. From there, please complete the required forms and submit them before the first day of school.

If you need to make any changes during the school year, please contact Kathy Medlock in the Registrar at 626.696.4309.
Are there any important dates during the school year that I should be aware of?
There are several important dates throughout the school year that are worth noting. They are listed below

August 16
New Student Welcome

August 17
All Student Information and Planning Day

August 18
First Day of Classes
7 period day. 12:20 dismissal

September 5
Labor Day Holiday

October 10
Columbus Day Holiday

October 17
Faith Formation Day

November 11
Veteran's Day Holiday

November 23 - 27
Thanksgiving Break

December 13 - 16
Fall Semester Examinations

December 17 - January 8
Christmas Break
January 9
Second Semester Begins

January 16
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

February 6
Faculty In-Service

February 20
President's Day Holiday

​March 6
Faculty In-Service

March 27
School Holiday

​April 13 - 23
Easter Holiday

​May 27
School Holiday

​May 29
Memorial Day Holiday

​June 2 - 7
Spring Semester Examinations
What is the daily schedule?

La Salle High School operates on an A-B bell schedule. Each student is registered in 7 different classes. Each day, 3 or 4 classes meet in 75-minute blocks with breaks in between.

Click here to view the bell schedules at La Salle High School

How do I purchase uniforms?

La Salle requires the use of a uniform at all times, unless noted otherwise. Two companies supply us with the uniforms that we ask our students to wear. They are Mills Uniforms and CKW School Uniforms. Both are relatively local and visit campus a few times during summer and the school year for purchases and buy-back. However, you are welcome to visit either of their factory stores at your own convenience at any time.
Additional information for each company is available below.

CKW School Uniforms
9400 Las Tunas Dr.
Temple City, CA
(626) 287-1994

What textbooks do I need to purchase and where can I buy them?

Our textbook list is published annually online during the early part of summer. Some minor changes may be made, but it is still the best reference for finding the current compilation for each course offered. Once you have received confirmation for your class list for next year, you can reference the list and order books online. You are able to order books through a 3rd party source (eBayAmazon, etc), but please make sure that the books you order are the same edition you will be using in class.

We also utilize a wide variety of Electronic Books (E-Books). We will hyperlink these books directly onto the textbook list for your convenience. You will have a few different E-Book options depending on your platform preference and availability.

If you have any questions about the purchasing process, please contact Mr. Roy Chang.

If you have any questions about the required books, or the edition of the textbooks, please contact the course instructor directly.

Do I need an iPad or another personal electronic device at La Salle?

La Salle High School operates in a 1:1 technology environment. Many assignments and in-class activities rely on the use of these device. Therefore, we require all of our students to have their own personal electronic device, preferably the Apple iPad or Apple Laptop. We ask that students purchase the device that meets the minimum specifications but the recommended specification device will be more optimal as they will be more compatible with the applications used in daily activities. You can purchase the device at retail stores, ordered through, or through a 3rd party source (eBay, Amazon, etc).
We also recommend AppleCare+ or a similar warranty be purchased.

The minimum specifications for the iPad are as follows:
-Generation 2 (iPad 2) or newer
-At least 16gb of internal memory/storage
-iOS 9 or newer
-iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed

The recommended specifications for the iPad are as follows:
-The newest model of the iPad Air with AppleCare+
-64 gb of internal memory/storage
-iOS 9
-iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed
-External keyboard
-A protective case

The minimum specifications for the Apple laptop are as follows:
-The computer must be circa late 2008 or newer (MacBook Pro from mid/late 2007 is OK)
-The computer must run OS X El Capitan (v10.10) or newer
-At least 64 gb of internal memory/storage
-Current anti-virus must be installed
-iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed

The recommended specifications for the Apple laptop are as follows:
-2015 MacBook Air with OS X El Capitan (v10.10) and AppleCare+
-At least 128 gb of internal memory/storage
-At least 2 gb of RAM
-Current anti-virus must be installed
-iBooks, Kindle, AppleID, iCloud, and Find My iPhone apps installed
-A protective case

There are a few different places you can obtain a warranty for your device. The following options are provided as a convenience and are not endorsed by La Salle High School. Each parent must decide, after researching the warranty product, what is right for their daughter or son.
-Worth Ave Group

Regardless of what type of computer/device the student uses, they are required to adhere to all existing rules and guidelines from the acceptable use policy.

If you have other questions regarding technology or the 1:1 environment, please reference the Technology FAQ.

How can I access Powerschool, the calendar and other pages of interest?
At the top of every webpage, we have a button called "Quick Links." It is a dropdown that plays host to the most utilized tools at La Salle. There, you will be able to quickly and easily access many key pages, some of which are outlined below.

Power School is the online link to your student’s grades. Each class is listed with grades for each assignment, overall course grade and attendance. Each parent has a unique login so you don’t have to worry about others accessing the info.

The School Calendar is accessible online and lists various school activities and meetings. Athletic event schedules are accessible from the Lancer Athletics website. We also publish a weekly athletic events schedule that details game information and release times.

Schoology is an online course management system that most La Salle teachers use to post class documents and other resources. Classes conduct online quizzes and assignments through Schoology which will be explained to your student in class. You can ask your student about their Schoology account or, if you wish, parents may register for their own account. 

The Parents Section holds all sorts of useful information about the activities for parents including pages devoted to the Parent Association and the Boosters. Copies of these meeting agendas & minutes, monthly Parent Newsletters and the quarterly Lancer Magazine are also located here. 

The Academics Section is the link to use for access to useful information about course offerings, textbooks, summer reading lists as well as graduation requirements and college counseling information.
Where are classrooms located and where can I park?

Visitors, please park in the lower lot off Michillinda Avenue. However, if it is after school hours (7:30am - 3:00 pm) the upper parking lots (off Sierra Madre Blvd.) are available for use.

lick here to download a PDF of the Campus Map
Does La Salle have lockers? Do I need to purchase a lock?
Each student is assigned to a locker prior to the first day of school. The summer mailing includes both their locker number and schedule for the school year. Students need to purchase ​two​ locks - one for their school locker and one for their PE locker. Locks must be purchased at the Lancer Armory. The Armory will be open on Orientation Day to purchase locks, PE uniforms and ties.
What is the schedule for the first week of school?
We start in mid-August with an abbreviated week. This gives our students the opportunity to get into the groove of things without being thrown into the deep end. New students have a Welcome Day in which they are introduced to Life at La Salle. Then, we hold what is called the "Student Information and Planning Day." During this time, classes meet together to discuss major themes of the year and discuss other important topics. Finally, there is the first day of classes. This is typically a 7-period day where students visit all of their scheduled classes. This gives them the opportunity to further learn the campus layout, meet their teachers, and make new friends! The schedule for the 2016 New Student Orientation Week is below:

New Student Welcome and Orientation
August 16, 2016  -  9:00am - 2:00pm
Casual Dress - Lunch is Provided

Freshman Parent Orientation
August 16, 2016  -  6:30pm - 8:00pm
Dining Hall

Student Information & Planning Day
August 17, 2016  -  TBA
Specifics TBA

First Day of Classes
August 18, 2016  -  8:00am - 12:00pm
​Books and Uniforms Required
My kids never listen to me! How do they stay informed?
La Salle has several really cool methods of communication and interaction with students. Each mentor period, students receive daily announcements through both the website and LTV. LTV is our closed-network telecast that informs the student body of upcoming school events. One way or another, your student will have some idea of what's happening on campus.
What is this thing called the "Parent Newsletter" that I keep hearing about?
La Salle produces a monthly newsletter that is geared towards parents and the immediate community. You will receive an email when the LSHS Newsletter is available on the school website. In this newsletter, you will learn about activities for both your student and for yourself. There are messages from Dr. Gray & Mrs. Kassakhian plus updates from the Parent Association and Booster Groups. There is also information regarding college counseling, student life, sports teams, and arts events. The back page functions as a current calendar of upcoming events. Often, there are separate flyers regarding volunteer opportunities or events. Please read this as soon as it arrives or you may miss something important.

All of this information, and MORE, is covered in the New Parent Information Guide that we publish annually during the early part of summer. The Student-Parent Handbook will also cover much of the important information regarding Life at La Salle!

If you have any other questions about La Salle's 1:1 environment or the technology we use,
please reference our Technology FAQ.

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