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Acceptable Use Policy

Computers are available on campus to support student learning. They are provided as a 
tool for class research and completion of assignments. These computers have access to a 
wide range of educational materials. The School staff cannot individually monitor all of 
the information that a student is able to access, download, or transmit.

All students are issued a login name and password which are to be kept confidential. 
Students are held responsible for maintaining the security of their login names and 
passwords. Any student who suspects misuse of the school’s network should report it to a 
teacher or staff member immediately.

The cost of repairing computer equipment resulting from careless or irresponsible use is 
the responsibility of the student. Additionally, disciplinary sanctions will be imposed. 
As a school which makes use of iPads, students may only use their iPad and apps as 
assigned or approved by the teacher.

The following activities are prohibited at all times:
Attempting to install, installing, downloading from the Internet, or running any 
program not provided by the School;
Playing games, including downloads from the Internet;
Attempting to visit or visiting Internet chat rooms;
Attempting to visit, visiting, attempting to view, viewing, emailing or printing 
morally objectionable sites or materials;
Attempting to bypass or bypassing any security systems;
Sending or receiving personal e-mail; or, passing along any e-mail chain letters;
Using La Salle e-mail or network services for business transactions of any type. 

It is forbidden to use the name “La Salle High School,” initials, logo, or pictures of staff, 
students, facilities or school activities on the Internet without written permission.

Users may not post to social media websites, or distribute via cell phone communications or 
pictures which a reasonable person, according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic 
Church, would consider to be defamatory, offensive, harassing, disruptive, derogatory or 
bullying. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual comments or images, racial or ethnic 
slurs, or other comments or images that would offend someone on the basis of race, 
creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, political beliefs, mental or physical 
disability, or veteran status.

The publication of anything that is degrading, lewd (sexting), threatening or violent may result in serious disciplinary action including expulsion.

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