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Through Schoology, La Salle’s access portal for courses will become more customizable to the needs of the individual student. Authorized users of Schoology will have a variety of tools available for their use. 

Schoology's benefits and opportunities can allow for:
  • Student performance information will be more immediately available to all who are involved with the success of a student
  • Instructors will more effectively leverage web-based and non-web-based digital material for course enhancement, review, and support.
  • Each student will be better positioned to progress at his or her own pace.
  • Each student will benefit from full integration of assignments into digitized calendars
  • Students will be alerted and reminded in, real time, of changes that occur in their academic schedules
  • Furthermore, this interface will be contemporary in format and will prepare the student for the digital landscape of collegiate communities
  • Students will be able to create multimedia content without additional devices.

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