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Program Expectations

La Salle High School utilizes "Schoology" (a web-based *L*earning *M*anagement *S*ystem (LMS) as part of our 1:1 technology environment. Through this method of instruction, each student will:
  • Use an iPad or MacBook as their primary data storage/retrieval tool.
  • Have every class at their fingertips via the mobile application Schoology.
  • Submit various assignments using the web as a transmission medium.
  • Use their device as a textbook when appropriate.
  • Use their device as a calendar or planner that is linked to all classes and all assignments.
  • Take digital notes when appropriate.
  • Carry out assignments using multi-media recording/editing/playback when appropriate.
  • Collaborate with others without being bound by physical location.
  • Access the web in real time when “in-class” instruction calls for such activities.
  • Learn the value of intelligent searching and filtering of web-based content.
  • Receive training and gain proficiency in appropriate use within an academic environment. 

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