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Outdated models restrict technology instruction and treat it as a standalone subject. This model is impractical. Contemporary computer technology has transitioned to saturate almost every aspect of daily life. The vast majority of our student body will move on to colleges where proficiency with “mobile-web-based” applications, on various personal computing devices, is critical. La Salle’s move to a 1:1 technology environment will provide our student body with resources to engage effectively in the digital landscape of continuing education.

Using tablets and laptop computers can provide a significant decrease in materials carried around by each student. Not all books will be replaced at once, but the reduction in physical weight of materials will be significant and become increasingly significant as more useful textbooks, lab manuals, workbooks, and reading material are digitized and loaded into the tablet computer.

The resulting use of iPads and laptops allows for college preparation to occur beyond the classroom and the hours in a school day. Teachers routinely post their assignments and grades online, in order to cater to the asynchronous learning that is expected of today's university students. These assignments can include online homework, quizzes and tests, discussions, or even viewing teacher lectures and resources.

One of our primary goals is to ensure that all La Salle students are prepared to complete the tasks in the same manner they are expected to in higher education. At this point, the tools we offer in the 1:1 Environment are the best and most cost-efficient choice for La Salle students to practice online assignments, digital citizenship, organization, time management, and critical communication skills.

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