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La Salle High School is unique in its approach to the development of parent volunteers. A typical high school would have an “Athletic Boosters” club whose purpose is to supply adult volunteer support for football games, soccer matches, basketball contests, etc. La Salle also relies on an Athletic Boosters Association for these purposes. But in a school where there never seems to be a day when the campus is devoid of all human contact, La Salle relies on parent volunteers to provide support for a wide variety of projects above and beyond Athletics. These volunteers are organized by clusters of activity.  For example, parents of students in the visual and performing arts program can provide volunteer service with the Arts Boosters. Parents of students involved in co-curricular activities can volunteer with the Academic Boosters.  Finally parents involved in the Student Life Program (campus ministry & student government) can provide support through the Student Life Boosters.

In addition to providing parent volunteer support, the goal of these Booster Associations includes the development of parent networking opportunities – relationships that often last well beyond the graduation of their youngest child.  And, since the La Salle Parent Association (the umbrella covering all four booster groups), has a parent service requirement that must be fulfilled each year their child is enrolled; the Booster Associations provide an easy, convenient and pleasant way to satisfy this requirement. Click on one of the links to your left to read the goals and objectives of each Booster group.

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