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Our Purpose

The La Salle High School Parent Association is dedicated to promoting an active parent community that supports the diverse range of learning activities at the school. The Parent Association is the umbrella organization that provides overall coordination of the school’s four principal booster groups supporting the Academic, Arts, Athletics and Student Life departments. Activities of the Parent Association also include sponsorship of certain specific events in addition to those hosted or administered by the school and the various booster organizations. Furthermore, the Parent Association provides volunteer oversight and other support services to certain of the school’s fundraising and development efforts. In doing so, the Parent Association works closely with the faculty and administration to further the overall mission of La Salle High School.

PA Meeting Minutes
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Parent Communication
Outside of Parent Association and Booster meetings, the principal source of on-going communication within the La Salle Community is through the Parent Newsletter. This monthly publication, which is available online through the La Salle website, contains valuable information covering a variety of school news items, sponsored events and volunteer opportunities. Other sources of information include the Parent/Student Handbook & Calendar, the School’s automated PACE phone messaging system, periodic special mailings and extensive content contained on the website.
Service Opportunitites
In addition to a number of other on-going service opportunities, the Parent Association provides direct organizational and logistical support to certain school-sponsored events. 

These activities include:

•   Family Communion Breakfast               

•   Grandparents’ Day                   
•   Freshmen Registration               
•   Open House                       
•   Faculty Appreciation Day                 
•   Faculty/Staff Christmas Party     
•   Crystal Ball            
•   Lancer Golf Tournament                  
•   Freshmen & New Parent Orientation          
Service Hours
Parents are asked to volunteer 20 hours per family, or 10 hours for a single parent.  Because of the many service opportunities that exist, many families exceed their minimum number of hours every year.  By serving on a committee, parents can achieve all their hours for the entire year.  Those families who are unable to meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Parent Association will be assessed a $15 per hour charge.  Notwithstanding this charge, the goal is to promote parent involvement in the life of the School and support the education of their child.

Click here for more information about service hours
Officers and Committee Chairs
The Parent Association board consists of four principal officer positions that are supported by multiple committees. For more information regarding the La Salle Parent Association or any of our Committees, please feel free to contact our administrators.
Meeting Information
Parent Association meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Blakeslee Library at 6:30pm followed by the respective Booster meetings at 7:30pm. The agenda of each meeting covers topics of general school interest, updates of various support activities and presentations from La Salle’s president, principal and Board of Trustees/Regents.  In addition to overviews of each booster meeting, Parent Association meetings also include a “Feature Presentation” segment highlighting topics of special interest and concern to parents, or presentations showcasing a particular facet of school life at La Salle. 

Samplings of topics addressed at previous meetings include:

•   The Challenges Facing Today’s Student at La Salle
•   La Salle’s Mentor Program
•   How Students Can Best Prepare for Semester Finals
•   Sports & Sportsmanship at La Salle:  A Look at the Student Athlete
•   PowerSchool:  A Parents Guide to On-line Grade Reporting
•   What Colleges Are La Students Applying To and Attending
•   Student Panel – Service Project Immersion Trips
•   “L.E.A.P":  A student-based community service opportunity
•   La Salle Performing Arts  – A Celebration of the Arts
Parent Education Series
In conjunction with the Student Counseling and Guidance program, the La Salle Parent Education Series consists of presentations held at various times throughout the school year.  These “mini-seminars” deal with concerns shared by all parents and are led by recognized experts in various fields of study. 

Past presentation topics have included:

•   Parent – Teen Relationships:  A Teen Issues Day Follow-up for Parents
•   Miles To Go:  A Substance Abuse Prevention Program
•   Parenting – Realities & Myths: Positive Roles Parents Overlook and Take for Granted

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